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Jon Buscemi Brings His Luxe Kicks to Vancouver

Jon Buscemi was our special guest today at Holt Renfrew Vancouver. He was talking about, and giving a sneak preview of, the Spring 2016 Collection of his “Luxe Kicks”. If you’re not familiar with Buscemi, he has created a super-coveted footwear brand that all the celebs are wearing these days. You might know him from his trademarked “Elegance on Lock” tagline which relates to the actual metal locks found on his shoes. Some of the locks and hardware are 18 Karat gold and some are even platinum! The shoes are hand-crafted in Italy with the same details and finishings as many luxury handbags. Bonus is that he’s a really nice guy and it was a real pleasure to meet him.

Jon Buscemi and Diane Gagne

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